The biggest France’s sledge run !

17 € during the day

Astronautes debout dans la neige luge

Are you ready for an interstellar mission on the Cosmojet sledge run?

Go to the top using the Péclet Funitel ! Departure is at 3000m, Cosmojet is the longest sledge run in France.

Dévalez 6km de piste en famille ou entre amis dans un univers dédié à la recherche d’une nouvelle Terre habitable… Des informations ludico-pédagogiques sont présentes dans la yourte à l’arrivée afin de repartir avec des connaissances solides sur le cosmos.

Don’t forget to smile before the tunnel entrance.



Evening runs for even more fun !

With as a bonus upon arrival in the yurt : the free tasting of mulled wine and Beaufort, immersed in a setting where you can deepen your knowledge of the cosmos



1 descent

( daytime )

2 descents

( on the same day )

1 descent Evening

( Monday to Friday )

Good to know: children under 9 run for free!


Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday

Until 05/02/2021

From 06/02/2021

Until 05/02/2021

From 06/02/2021

12:15 to 16:00

12:15 to 16:30

10:00 to 16:00

10:00 to 16:30

16:45 to 18:00

17:15 to 18:30

No evening run

Children alone on a sledge must be over 9 years olds and measure +1m25

It is mandatory to wear an helmet.

The opening of the Cosmojet track is subject to weather and snow conditions

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