Ascent to the Cime Caron

Destination 3200m !

A swift ascent in an iconic 3 Vallées cable car.

From July 10th to September 01st 2023

Every Friday
from 10:15AM to 3:30PM

In need of fresh air ?

Steep ascent to 3000m

La Cime Caron! For the past few decades, whenever Val Thorens in mentioned, the name of this legendary summit immediately springs to mind…


The highest point of the Val Thorens area at 3,200m, it offers you a 360-degree view over more than one thousand peaks in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.


From the resort, set out in the Cairn gondola lift (which is free this summer!) to reach the start of the Caron gondola lift.


You can buy your Cime Caron pass at the ticket office on site (and, if you wish, make use of the toilets before your ascent).


You will then take the Caron gondola lift, which ascends in a straight line towards the far off summit of the cable car.


Finally, you arrive at the last stage: the Cime Caron cable car.


Did you know this was the world’s largest cable car when it was built in 1982?


The excitement is starting to rise: the goal is in view.


In a few steps, you are in one of the two cabins and you’re off for a 4 minute-voyage towards the summit.


The doors open, and you’re there!


Pure mountain air, peaks all around and, above all, the amazing 360-degree view.


Take your time, breathe in deeply, admire the views.


Welcome to the Cime Caron.

Cime Caron cable car

Every Friday - 10:15AM to 3:30PM

Bikes are not allowed to embark !

Summer 2023 prices





Good deal : free with "Passeport Ascensionnel" (if activated before Friday)